The Dangers of Plastic Surgery: An Expert's Perspective

Plastic surgery has become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more people opting for cosmetic procedures to enhance their appearance. However, as with any surgery, there are risks involved. Some plastic surgeries have a higher risk of complications than others, and it's important for patients to be aware of these risks before undergoing any procedure. One of the most common complications in plastic surgery is hematoma, which is a collection of blood outside of a blood vessel. This can occur in nearly all surgeries and may require additional operations to drain the blood.

In some cases, this can lead to serious consequences such as a drop in blood pressure or even death.


is another common complication of plastic surgery. Despite measures taken to reduce the risk of infection, it still remains one of the most common complications. For example, infections occur in 1.1 to 2.5 percent of people who undergo breast augmentation. These infections can be internal and serious, requiring intravenous antibiotics.

Nerve damage

is also a risk in many different types of surgical procedures.

While most cases are temporary, there is a possibility for permanent damage. This is especially common in breast augmentation surgery, with 15 percent of women experiencing permanent changes in nipple sensitivity.


is another potential complication of plastic surgery.

Hypertrophic scarring

, which is an abnormally red and thick bulging scar, occurs in 1.0 to 3.7 percent of tummy tucks. Along with smooth and hard keloid scars, it can be a cause for concern for patients. General anesthesia can also lead to complications such as lung infections, strokes, heart attacks, and even death.

While rare, there have been cases where patients have woken up during surgery, which can be a traumatic experience. According to researchers, tummy tucks are one of the most dangerous plastic surgeries, with a higher risk of complications compared to other procedures. The most common complications include pain, surgical site infections, and wound healing problems. Some patients may require extended wound care or repeated visits to treat infections or wound-related issues. It's important to note that these findings are based on a relatively small study conducted in a single center. This means that there may be limitations to the results, as it only included patients who went to the doctor in the plastic surgery department. While there are many different types of plastic surgeries that can have complications, some are more dangerous than others.

Abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, has been classified as one of the most dangerous plastic surgeries for quite some time due to its potential for serious complications.


is another procedure that carries a high risk of complications. These can include blood clots, perforations in the stomach wall, systemic infections, and fatty blockages in the lungs. It's important for patients to be aware of these risks before undergoing any procedure. However, it's not just the risks that patients need to be aware of. Plastic surgery also has a dangerous side where risks can turn into complications.

For example, people who undergo breast surgery may experience contour problems or asymmetry, while those who undergo facial surgery may not be satisfied with the results. As a plastic and reconstructive surgery resident at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, I have seen firsthand the potential dangers of plastic surgery. While it may seem like a modern way to achieve the perfect appearance, it's important for patients to understand the risks involved. In addition to previous reports, my experience suggests that complications resulting from plastic surgery procedures performed in other countries represent a major public health problem in the United States. Like liposuction, tummy tucks are a surprise on this list because they are among the most common plastic surgeries for both men and women. Facial reconstructive surgeries are also among the most dangerous procedures, as they involve complex and complicated techniques. Each surgery performed by each surgeon will be different in terms of techniques and processes, making it even more important for patients to be aware of the potential risks. One of the most dangerous plastic surgeries is orthognathic surgery, which involves remodeling and restructuring the jaw.

This procedure carries a high risk of complications and should only be performed by experienced and qualified surgeons.

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